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Carbon Screen

    【Advantages】 No moving parts; the screen holes are not easy to block; simple structure; convenient operation and maintenance; low cost; long service life. Th…

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Air Lifter

     【Advantages】 Scientific and reasonable design, decrease the damage to carbon. High efficiency, the time of lifting carbon is 0.5~1 hours. Small volume, i…

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Zinc Powder Displacement Device

      【Advantages】 Spiral zinc powder feeder is a kind of zinc powder feeding machine newly developed by Xinhai with the following advantages. With even and conti…

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Washing Thickener

【Advantages】 The continuous ore discharge method can reduce the multiple cycle of liquid gold, while extending the time of pulp staying in the washing thickener to …

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Leaching Agitation Tank

      【Advantages】 Entering leaching tank via hollow shaft, air is agitated and dispersed by rotation of impellers. The two new type impellers with large diameter…

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Desorption Electrolysis System

    【Advantages】 In the high temperature (150℃) and pressure (0.5MPa), the desorption rate reaches 98%. Since desorption and electrolysis does not require differ…

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