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High Frequency Dewatering Screen

    【Advantages】 Xinhai Company has many special technical designs in dewatering screen. The main deck of the screen slopes upwards and forms a 45° sloping with th…

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Disc Feeder

      【Advantages】 Stable working and easy operation. Wide application, energy saving and efficient. Large bearing capacity and stable operation. Simple str…

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Press Filter

      【Advantages】 Filter Press used for Minerals (ores)Dewatering Stable performance; high automation; safe and reliable; convenient operation; backw…

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Drum Filter

  【Advantages】 Cylindrical external filtration type filter is normal filter realizing stepless speed change by adjusting the motor revolution. It has the advant…

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Vacuum Filter

     【Advantages】 Large filtering area, large capacity. Full dehydration. Markedtechnical and economic effect. Small area taken, easy to manufacture and st…

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Ceramic Filter

    【Advantages】 High vacuum degree (vacuum degree -0.09~-0.098MPa), low moisture of cake. High filtration precision, solid content of filtrate<50ppm, which …

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